The Ten Most Exciting Mobile Entrepreneurship Concepts for 2022

As mobile businesses gain prominence, they have the potential to revolutionize the economy. Beginning a business on the road offers various benefits, including cheaper startup costs, geographical flexibility, and an exciting experience! For 2022, we’ve produced a list of the top ten mobile business ideas.

Mobile food vendors

Culinary trucks provide a diverse selection of food options and may assist you in achieving your aim of opening a restaurant. Numerous individuals have abandoned brick-and-mortar restaurants in favor of food trucks. Possessing a food truck is freeing.

Mobile Pet Grooming

Appointments are taken via the use of mobile pet grooming trucks. They will groom your pet on the day and time provided by you. The car will arrive on time for your appointment on the day and time specified.

We appreciate how the market for mobile groomers is yet very undeveloped. Because we feel the concept is novel and unexplored, now is an excellent moment to profit from this business opportunity ahead of the competition!

Barbershop/Hair Salon on Wheels

When was the last time you clipped your hair? When was the last time you had your nails done? When was the last time you shaved? When was the last time you waxed? How long has it been since you colored your hair?

You, like the bulk of the people, may have let go during the epidemic. Naturally, this was unintended. This is set to change, though, as mobile salons and barbershops become more prevalent. What is the most effective way for estimating demand? If you have any doubts about the accuracy of the above statements, consult your friends. If they are, this initiative is certain to be a huge success! You are welcome to put it to the test. We have no reservations!

Canadians consume more coffee than residents of any other country on the earth! The typical Canadian consumes 2.7 cups of coffee every day, according to data! Each Canadian, or every man, woman, and kid over the age of 15, is affected.

Tim Hortons holds a 54 percent stake of a market valued at around 6.2 billion dollars. A strong brand and the expanding need for coffee, as well as the possibility of operating a mobile business as a franchise, may help you break into this multibillion-dollar sector. This is an excellent concept that will not disappoint.

Wheels of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Consume fresh fruits and vegetables as soon as possible after purchase. Stocking up on perishables leads in a significant amount of money being squandered, and I am not joking! Each year, the typical Canadian household wastes $1,766 worth of food! And, to be really candid, our weekly supermarket visits to stock up on fruits and veggies seldom last a week! The bulk of these items, along with your money, are discarded. Isn’t it wonderful to get a daily delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables?

This enterprise is an excellent concept for a lot of reasons. Due to the flexibility of a mobile market, residents may handpick fruits and veggies just outside their homes!

If you are a farmer or have access to fresh products, farming is an excellent business idea for you. What’s more, it may be scaled to any size. To earn millions, all you have to do is expand your fleet of automobiles to appeal to a broader range of clients. All you have to do the next day is harvest and deliver fresh vegetables. This is a long-term solution to our country’s massive food waste problem.

Bar on Wheels

In the past, bar and club entertainment played a significant role in social occasions. On the other hand, thanks to a new version of the illness, people currently discover methods to have fun without being confined to their homes.

In places such as Berlin and Amsterdam, residents have resorted to their balconies. These balconies have a DJ, as well as cocktails and roaring music for everybody to enjoy. We are always coming up with novel ways to make the best of a poor circumstance while still having a nice time! Human beings are genuinely clever.

Consider the following scenario: you’re celebrating your birthday during a period of higher restrictions due to an epidemic. You and your roommates are bored and have nothing to do at home. When you contact your guy, a truck equipped with loudspeakers drives up to your driveway. A bar on wheels equipped with the essential audio equipment! It’s fantastic, and you’re having one of the finest birthdays of your life.

Mobile bars, or drinking places that are “on the move,” have the potential to develop a new business. Not only can mobile bars serve private residences, but also festivals and other outdoor events! The possibilities are endless.

Laboratory/Clinic on Wheels

You are on the verge of death. It causes stomach aches. You resist hospitalization out of fear of contracting COVID-19, a new fatal virus that has been sweeping the globe for several months. Then you stay at home, hoping without hope that the discomfort would subside spontaneously.

You are not required to attend a doctor’s office. What is the remedy? Mobile clinics! This concept is brimming with possibilities! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a truck could come to your home and offer you the emergency medical care you require?

The medical sector is in desperate need of portable healthcare. Ambulatory healthcare services are a highly competitive sector with no obvious leaders. As a result, it’s an intriguing and practical business model. Because people avoid hospitals out of fear of acquiring a virus, mobile clinics and laboratories provide convenience and peace of mind while receiving treatment.

On Wheels Bakery

Every day, fresh bread may be delivered to your door by mobile bakeries!

Artisanal bread is not interchangeable with store-bought bread. This freshly baked, artisanal bread is topped with oats and grains. The artisanal bread business is a relatively young sector focused on the production of excellent fresh-baked bread.

Because it is sustainable, socially responsible, and waste-free, the artisanal bread sector is making waves in and out of social media. Its attractive crusty surface has captured the imaginations of Generation X, Millennials, and Gen Z. Consider the rush you’d have if you had one on wheels. I’m sure you didn’t think of that!

On Wheels Dessert Truck

Step aside, ice cream trucks! Dessert food trucks have been added as a new finalist to the tournament. With the rise in popularity of food trucks in the early 2010s, these sweet vehicles made a splash with their innovative dessert concepts. Diverse conceptual vehicles with one common objective: to provide tasty delicacies to every Canadian.

Dessert trucks on wheels have unmatched popularity. By driving around and handing out sweets, they may develop a significant social media presence.

Mobile firms provide an incredible chance to create new goods and services that are specifically targeted to their target customers’ demands. Mobile food trucks provide a diverse array of possibilities, enabling continuous innovation.

On Wheels Couturier

For decades, fashion designers have been witnessed rearranging racks upon racks of clothing for private fittings. As more brick-and-mortar businesses close, the e-commerce industry has grown.

Businesses that provide a personalized shopping experience while producing high-quality clothes are targeting the top 20% of the population. However, when conducted properly, this type of company remains viable and may generate tremendous profits.


We started out making hotdog carts and have now expanded into a full-service firm with expertise building anything from simple food carts to food trucks, container kitchens, and mobile showrooms. We take pride in the trucks we’ve built throughout the years.

Our team has spent the last three decades honing our experience in offering superior mobile business solutions. Send us a request for a quote immediately! Permit us to assist you in starting your new mobile company, whatever it may be.

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