Buy a Custom Food Truck – Getting Started

Getting started can sometimes be one of the hardest steps to navigate with any business or project. The challenge tends to begin with “where to start” followed by “what’s next”.

We are always looking for new ways to add value to our services and hope that these resources will help you set your wheels in motion.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

From the moment you type into Google, “Food Truck for Sale” you already have some notion of what you would like to do.  The idea phase is exciting and fun, but without research and a plan, it can be challenging to set your business up on the right path.

Things to think about as you create your plan of action…

  • What is your niche? Establish what makes you special!
  • What are you offering your customers? What is your great product that will keep them coming back for more?
  • What’s the best location for your mobile business?

Do your research! Whether your business is in a food truck, concession trailer, or container kitchen, research the industry as well as any brick and mortar locations that may be around you.

What is your start-up budget? Create your projections based on your research of when you will break even and how you will do this. You need to have a solid business plan if you intend on applying for financing. Whether or not you will be operating full time or part-time, you will need start-up capital to get on the road.


If you require financing, you have options and we can help you discover them.

By the time you are looking into financing your food truck, you will already know what you want to serve, the licensing involved, and how much the truck will cost. If you require financing, a good place to start is with your bank. They may be able to help you secure funding. Another option is working with one of our preferred lenders. Once we have established the cost of your food truck, we will connect you with our lender who will guide you through the process of securing financing.


Once we have started building your food truck, we will provide you with the information you require to receive an accurate insurance estimate.

This includes a copy of the ownership, VIN, year of the vehicle, make and model. Your insurance rate will depend on what food you are preparing, where you plan to operate, and the details of the vehicle. You will require both business insurance and vehicle insurance. Be sure to shop around to get the best rate possible.

Pro Tip!

Generate a buzz about your business and start building your audience by activating your social media accounts ahead of your official launch date.

People love to be in the know, especially on the up and comers and a little build-up of anticipation is fun and exciting!

Connecting With Your Customers

Social media networks can be very helpful communication channels. Many food truck owners use social media to let their loyal customers know where they will be operating each day, what their daily menu is—cue awesome food photos—and spread the word about their business.