Choosing the Right Mobile Unit

At All American Food Trucks our top priority is YOU!

We will work together to build and customize the mobile unit that is exactly what you need to open your business and equip you with the right tools to succeed.

We expect that you will have questions when inquiring about what makes the best vehicle selection for your business. As food truck designers, we know how much goes into each build! For the initial process, we created a “Build Your Truck” tool to help us understand, what it is, that you are looking for in a mobile unit. Submit your form, and we will customize a quote for you based on your needs.

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Our Popular Units

Food Trucks

starting at $50k

The most popular mobile unit we buildA food truck cost can start at $50 000 and go up from there depending on exactly what your build consists of.  Ice cream trucks tend to be lower cost, and chip trucks are a bit more due to the propane set up These self-contained units give you the ability to travel in one vehicle with everything you need. Food truck sizes start at 12’ up to 24’ before you require a special license.

Beyond Meat Truck

Concession Trailers

starting at $40k

While trailers must be towed, they are great for busy permanent locations or markets. Insurance is generally lower on a trailer than on a food truck and the start-up costs are less than food trucks. Trailer sizes start at 8’x10’. We also offer custom porch trailers for smokers.

IKEA Food Box Trailer

Custom Shipping Container Kitchens & Bars

starting at $30k

These awesome units are great for building a fixed location kitchen or bar. Size options are 20’ or 40’.We can do anything with these very customizable units, including building a patio on the roof, or a drop down seating area.

Farm Boy Container

Specialty Vehicles

speak with a mobile unit specialist for pricing

This includes school buses, Air Streams, Citroen H vans, Sprinters, Double Decker Buses etc. If you havea custom vehicle or need one sourced, let us know. As a custom food truck builder, we can build a commercial kitchen in anything!

Searching for specialty items? We encourage you to call and speak with one of our mobile unit specialists.

Lady M Exterior