Location & Events

The beauty of a mobile business is that you can be anywhere!

The best locations have a lot of pedestrian traffic and high visibility.

You may want to focus on a permanent location, or special events, or a combination of both.

Great Locations to Consider

  • Parking lot of large retail stores or malls
  • Industrial park or commercial complex
  • Park, beach, pier, zoo, golf course
  • Sports fields
  • Busy downtown street or parking lot
  • University, college and high school
  • Court house, military base, government complex
  •  Office building, hospital, call center
  • Transportation center such as bus, train, subway, airport, marina or truck stop
  • Service station and car washes

Temporary Locations

In addition to having a regular daily permanent location many Food Truck operators also set up at temporary locations to catch extra business after regular hours.

These special event locations can be very profitable.

  • Sporting events such as soccer, baseball, football
  • Car shows & rallies, farm shows, boat shows, air shows, industrial or home shows
  • County fairs, cultural events, carnivals, fishing derbies, auctions, parades
  • Flea markets, music festivals, antique and craft shows, tourist attractions
  • Grand openings, open houses, large sales events, car dealerships
  • Business anniversaries, company picnics & banquets, conventions
  • Charity events, church /club /school functions
  • Music Festivals
  • Catering parties and anniversaries