Food truck marketing 101, Ideas and Strategies

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Food truck marketing is an excellent method to get your name out there.

While you’d probably prefer to concentrate on your food rather than marketing your food truck, it’s something you can’t avoid. It doesn’t matter if you have the best food in town if no one comes to your food truck to sample it. It doesn’t need to be a full-time job to market your food truck. To give your food truck the help it needs and start seeing more customers, use these 7 simple food truck and food truck marketing ideas.

There are many contradictory and perplexing ideas flying around about how food truck owners should market their businesses. Your company must both expand organically and foster your efforts. Starting with a little promotional effort might help you avoid degrading your food truck’s brand. Build a firm foundation for your food truck by not setting unrealistic expectations for your consumers.

You must personally interact with potential consumers in order to generate interest in your food truck business. Because “possible customers” include existing customers who are likely to return, promotions can take place both inside and outside the truck. Here are some ideas for getting your food truck business noticed.

Make contact with groups in your area.

Ask the local chamber of commerce or a local convention center for a list of contact information for groups such as service organizations, unions, political parties, and so on. Let them know you’re selling a truck. Catering services are available for their meetings and gatherings.

Inquire with any company in your area’s human resource managers or appropriate people about putting up a truck stop or catering an event on their premises.

Make the extra effort to get to know the proper people.

Make friends with people who deal with huge groups of tourists. Hotel workers, concierges, hotel and conference center event coordinators, tour guides, gas station attendants, and automobile rental employees are all examples.

Personal selling should be taught to employees.

Personal selling is a job that any of your food truck’s employees can do. Outside of the truck, the workers in your service windows and on your trucks should be trained to participate in personal selling. Distribute promotional items, such as business cards, to potential buyers.

Maintain contact with customers.

It’s possible to do this both inside and outside the food truck. After the customer has completed their meal, the owner or truck manager should thank them and inquire about their satisfaction. If the owner or truck manager has any issues, they should approach the customer. The consumer who left the negative remark could be contacted and apologized for their bad experience.

Participate as a vendor at local events.

You can sell samples at a local farmers market, arts festival, or culinary event if you want to sell your items there. Make contact with the event attendees and encourage them to try your food truck. Even if no sales are made right away, it will raise awareness of your truck.

Keep your body language in mind.

Every time you go out in public, your mobile food business should be represented. To accomplish this, use positive body language. When you’re out in public, be friendly and smile. If you grin while on the phone, your smile will be audible in your voice.

Participate in your community.

You will meet more individuals if you participate in more activities. Nearly every time you participate, you’ll almost certainly meet new customers.

Flyers, menus, and coupons should all be distributed.

People are more inclined to respond to promotional materials that come straight from the vendor. Rather than pasting flyers on cars or shoving them in mailboxes, try giving them out in person.

Getting the attention of the local media

Getting press attention is far preferable to paying for an advertisement in a newspaper, magazine, or online. Articles are far more likely to be believed and less likely to be questioned than advertisements. Some people believe that “any publicity is good publicity,” but this isn’t necessarily the case with food trucks. Before you try to obtain press, make sure your food and service are consistently good to avoid unfavorable news or reviews.

The following suggestions will assist you in gaining positive press for your food truck:

Make your story known to the local media.

Possess a press release from a newspaper or magazine

Organize an event where your truck may provide catering.

Donate food or your chef’s services to a charitable organization.

Do something to impress the critics.


In many cases, your menu will initially attract customers to your food truck. If your food truck’s menu is old and tasteless, people may have the wrong impression of it. Menu planning, organization, and design are all critical aspects of food truck marketing.


The majority of people use the Internet to find a food truck to eat at. If you want these potential customers to come to your food truck, you must have a solid website. Simply having a website isn’t enough if no one views it. These 7 local SEO tips can help you attract more visitors to your site and convert them into paying clients.

Because mobile devices account for almost 60% of all online traffic, having a mobile-friendly website is more vital than ever.

Upsell your items.

Because it might be tough to recruit new clients for a food truck, why not capitalize on the ones you already have? Increasing the average ticket size of each order is one of the most effective techniques to boost sales.

A few ideas for raising your average order size are listed below:

To anchor your larger servings, make an extra-large portion size.

Make your desserts sound too amazing to pass up by describing them in a way that makes them sound irresistible.

Upsell more expensive drinks like wine to boost earnings.

Charge a higher price for bottled carbonated water than for plain flat water.

Appetizers are a good way to start the dinner.

Before collecting food orders, offer refreshments.

Serve salads or shrimp skewers as a side dish with each meal.


You may use events to attract new consumers and keep existing ones returning to your food truck.

In the future, you can hold the following events:

Demonstrations of the new menu

Entrepreneurial gatherings

Having fun during the holidays

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