10 Hottest Mobile Business Models in 2022

10 Hottest Mobile Business models in 2022

There is no need to be tied to a Brick-and-mortar location in order to start your business. With a business structure for mobility, you can meet your customers where they are while not having to worry about rent and property taxes. 

With their rise and popularity, mobile businesses have revolutionized the economy. It’s a great product that offers lower start-up costs, location flexibility, and a unique experience! Listed below are 10 of the hottest mobile business ideas to consider for 2022! 

Food Trucks

At the beginning of the 2010s, food trucks offered a variety of innovative food concepts. Thousands of food trucks are returning after being virtually eliminated by the Coronavirus Pandemic a decade ago. It’s easy to become a restaurant owner with these bad boys! Trust me, they are worth it! These trucks have become so popular that a lot of people have left their physical restaurants for them. 

Owning and operating a food truck is both liberating and exhilarating. The capacity to work wherever and whenever has been a desirable feature. Just imagine creating hype and driving cross country along 50 states. Doesn’t that sound attractive?

Mobile Pet Grooming

A staggering 67% of U.S. Citizens own a pet. Can you imagine how many dog and cat owners have been dying to have their stinky pets groomed during the pandemic?

Mobile Pet Grooming trucks operate via bookings made online or via phone. You set a date and time, and they’ll be there. You won’t need to leave your house! The grooming truck will arrive on the specific date and time that you book your appointment.

The thing we love most about this business idea is that there aren’t many mobile groomers yet! Before everyone else does it, now is a perfect time and chance to have first dibs on this novel and spectacular business idea!

Mobile Hair Salon/ Barbershop

Put your finger down if your hair has grown very long. Put your finger down if you haven’t had your nails done for a while now. Put your finger down if your beard has grown its longest during the pandemic. Put your finger down if you haven’t waxed in forever. Put your finger down if your roots show, and you’ve been dying to go back to the salon!

If you’ve put at least one finger down, you, along with the majority, have let yourselves go during the pandemic. Unintentional, of course. The trend is the growing popularity of Mobile Hair Salons and Barbershops. How do you assess the demand? Ask your friends to “put a finger down” if any of the above statements are true. If they are, chances are this idea is going to be a hit! Try it yourself. We don’t doubt it.

Coffee Truck

Statistics show that an average American drinks 3.1 cups of coffee daily! Daily, as a staple. You won’t be looking at a decline of coffee drinkers anytime soon! Instead, there will be a stable increase in coffee drinkers as more and more Americans turn into coffee enthusiasts.

An 80 billion dollar industry primarily dominated by Starbucks, with a market share of 40% consisting of a solid brand and 14,875 brick and mortar stores. You, too, could have a share of this multi-billion dollar industry through solid branding coupled with the increasing demand for coffee and the franchise ability of mobile businesses. This is an idea you won’t regret.

Fresh Produce on wheels

Fruits and vegetables must be consumed immediately after purchase. Stocking up on perishable goods accounts for a lot of wasted money, and kid me not! An average American household throws out approximately $ 1,500 worth of waste annually! Honestly, routine trips to the grocery store to stock up on produce that doesn’t last the week! Most of these items go straight in he trash. Wouldn’t it be great to have fresh fruit and vegetables daily? 

This makes this business a very viable idea. The portability of a mobile market enables residents to handpick fruits and vegetables just outside their home!

If you are either a farmer or have access to fresh produce, this business idea is perfect for you. The nicest feature is that it is fully scalable. Adding additional vehicles to target a broader reach is all that is required to earn millions. All you need to do is harvest the veggies fresh and dispatch them the day after. It’s a sustainable solution to our country’s massive food waste problem.

Mobile Bar

The entertainment industry has taken its toll as more bars, and clubs shut down. The new normal has pioneered a new way to party; outdoors! People are finding ways to have a great time in the middle of a crippling pandemic. 

In Europe, for instance, while cities are on lockdown, people move out to their balconies while enjoying a drink with a DJ next door, blasting his sounds into the open air. Humans are indeed ingenious! We never fail to come up with inventive methods to go around the system and have a good time!

Picture this: you find yourself celebrating your birthday in the middle of an outbreak and heightened restrictions. You and your housemates are under strict quarantine, trapped at home with nothing to do. You contact your man, and a vehicle equipped with loud speakers pulls up to your driveway. A mobile bar on wheels equipped with the necessary sound equipment! It’s ideal, and you wind up enjoying one of the finest birthdays you’ve ever had!

This idea has the power to define a whole new market, and it doesn’t stop there! Not only can mobile bars serve houses, but also festivals and other outdoor events! The options are virtually limitless.

Mobile Clinic/ Laboratory

You feel as though you’re about to expire. Your stomach is aching. You are afraid of acquiring a serious case of COVID-19 and hence refuse to go to the hospital. You then return home and pray for a miracle that the agony would subside spontaneously.

That need not be the case! What is the solution? Clinics on wheels! This concept is brimming with undiscovered potential! Having a van visit you in the comfort of your own home to provide you with emergency medical care.

To be clear, this approach is not inexpensive, but it is definitely scalable. The market for ambulatory care services that are not COVID-19-compliant has reached an all-time high of 118 billion dollars. Along with the continuing epidemic, which has caused many to avoid hospitals for fear of acquiring the virus, mobile clinics and laboratories offer convenience and peace of mind while receiving treatment.

The Mobile Bakeshop

Freshly baked bread, every single day! Who doesn’t want that? Mobile bakeshops are yet another ingenious business idea that will deliver bread right at your doorstep! No, we’re not talking about store-bought bread that you see in the stores. We are talking about an emerging industry dedicated to producing freshly baked bread topped with all sorts of oats and grains. You guessed right! We are talking about the Artisanal Bread Industry.

The artisanal bread sector is making waves in and out of social media for being sustainable, socially responsible, and waste-free. Its attractive crusty appearance has drawn Gen Xers, Millennials, and Gen Z-ers in equal measure. Consider the excitement that would surround having one on wheels. I’m sure you didn’t consider that!

Mobile Dessert Truck

Move over, Ice cream trucks! A new contender is coming to town. Along with the food truck hype of the early 2010’s, novel dessert ideas have made waves. Different concepts with one central goal: To deliver mouth-watering desserts to every American.

The hype is real! Mobile Dessert Trucks have the ability to cultivate a following like no other! Driving across different States while spreading sweetness per mile is a surefire way to make rounds on social media. 

Although fleeting, the flexibility offered by Mobile businesses allow for constant reinvention! The ability to develop and pursue different concepts makes food trucks in general a very profitable business model. 

Mobile Couturier 

You’ve seen it in the movies. Fashion designers are moving racks and racks of clothing for a private fitting. With the e-commerce business at its peak, more and more physical stores have closed shop. Statistics show that 42% of Americans still prefer shopping in-store. Although it seems like the minority, it still accounts for a more significant chunk of the market.

The ability to deliver a selection of clothing for a personal fitting session is a business targeted to the top 20% who can genuinely afford it. Nevertheless, it is still a good pitch that, when done right, could yield enormous returns. 


We take pleasure in the vehicles we’ve manufactured throughout the years, having been in the industry since the mid-1990’s. From our humble beginnings manufacturing hotdog carts, we’ve grown into a full-service company with capabilities spanning from simple food carts to food trucks, container kitchens, and mobile showrooms, to name a few.

We’ve spent the last three decades honing our expertise of offering top-of-the-line mobile business solutions. Allow us to assist you in your newly discovered quest to lead your mobile business, whatever it may be. Today, send us a request for a quotation!


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